Project Details

209,000 square foot facility

Austin Armed Forces Reserve Center

It will act as the base of operations for about 1,400 local reservists and guardsmen when at full capacity and more than 200 full-time soldiers and civilians.

The Armed Forces Reserve Center sits at the corner of Emma Browning Avenue and Burleson Road. About 1,000 feet southeast of Runway 17R/37L at the airport lies a lot for Chinooks and Blackhawks. The campus also has a facility for vehicle maintenance.

The administrative building houses several classrooms and libraries.

The 209,000 square foot Reserve Center will be home to 36th Combat Aviation Brigade Headquarters, Texas Army National Guard, members of the U.S. Army Reserves, U.S. Navy and Marine Reserves. Approximately 1,400 service members will train at the Reserve Center, allowing for a long-term cost-savings as state and federal units combine resources and maximize their capabilities. The Reserve Center will provide service members with state-of-the-art configurable classrooms, service-specific libraries and medical support facilities, a fitness center and weapons simulation range.

Representing 32 percent of the total Army Force, the Army National Guard is able to maintain readiness and deliver accessible operational capabilities at approximately 10 percent of the Army’s budget and feel this facility will enable the National Guard to continue to train ready forces and maintain relevance to the community.