Project Details

285,000 square feet
Designed in collaboration with Gensler
During construction

Del Mar Community College,
South Side Campus

Located 15 miles southeast of downtown Corpus Christi, the South Campus of
Del Mar Community College provides a state-of-the-art learning environment for
a rapidly growing southside community, introducing opportunities for employment,
learning, and community building.
The best way to achieve a balance of interests for all stakeholders is to encourage
participants to share unique perspectives, ideas and aspirations for the new campus
and come to a consensus on direction.After several workshop sessions, the
client envisioned a space that feels like home and offers a sense of community. The
design was created to entice, promote and support the surrounding Corpus Christi
The design team strived to make the space feel unique to Corpus Christi and began
studying how to incorporate elements found within the community into the design,
such as the local beaches and windmills. When winds interact with a body of water,
a recognizable pattern is created in the form of waves. Similar patterns can also be
found in studying sand at the beach. This understanding that a body of water and
sand are comprised of millions of smaller elements that all move in unison when a
major force acts upon them served as a major inspiration to the design team.
By comparing each individual within a community to a grain of sand or a drop of
water, and education to the wind as the major force that allows us to better ourselves,
collectively, we are moving in unison, creating the same inspirational patterns
found within the waves and sand. This is the story of Del Mar, an institution
working with the community providing a clear vision of bettering its individuals and
improving their city: a sum of all parts.